postfactum engages with multiple issues in and across contemporary art, science, and technology, ranging from productive misunderstandings and perceptual experiments to educational matters and institutional arrangements. As a long-term endeavor, the journal provides a hybrid forum to probe conventional frames, current games, and innovative moves in and across said domains, if not beyond their known remit. The journal’s transdisciplinary outlook is a standing invitation to multifaceted conversation, critical reflection, and interstitial production. Deliberately slow-paced, the journal invites distinctive contributions to its special issues, unique events, and ongoing conversations, contributions whose form and content may be discussed at any point with the editors.



editorial board
Guelfo Carbone, Yaël Kreplak, Hunter Longe, Philippe Sormani (chair)


advisory board
Jacqueline Burckhardt (Zurich)
Mico Capasso (Naples)
Toni Hildebrandt (Bern)
Lauren Huret (Geneva)
Nozomi Ikeya (Tokyo)
Lorenza Mondada (Basel)
Hans-Jörg Rheinberger (Berlin)
Aparna Rao & Søren Pors (Bangalore)
Andrew V. Uroskie (New York)
Stefano Velotti (Rome)
Mick Wilson (Gothenburg)