postfactum has a reading group convene. Its main purpose is to engage cross-disciplinary discussion of recent and classic texts, canonical or critical, of particular relevance to contemporary art, science, and technology. For each meeting, postfactum invites conversation with the “author(s)” and/or “critics” of the selected text. A first series of meetings – “in conversation with” as well as “in conversation on” – is underway. As the readings proceed, further meetings, texts, arguments, and encounters will be determined. In the meantime, postfactum welcomes additional proposals from interested parties.

current reading list:

Partages de la perspective  (E. Alloa, 2020)

Postcritique  (L. de Sutter, Ed., 2019)

How to Do Things With Art (D. von Hantelmann, 2017)
Making Sense. Cognition, Computing, Art, and Embodiment (S. Penny, 2017)
How Institutions Think (P. O’Neill, L. Steeds & M. Wilson, Eds., 2017)
Parkett Editions (B. Curiger et al., Eds., Zurich & New York, 1984-2017)
Ethnomethodology’s Program (H. Garfinkel, 2002)
Between the Black Box and the White Cube (A.V. Uroskie, 2014)
Scientism (T. Sorell, 1991)
On the Existence of Digital Objects (Y. Hui, 2016) 
The Dispossessed (U.K. Le Guin, 1974)