Culture Beyond Distance? Post-Digital Reconfigurations (1)

May 2021

For this conversation, postfactum brings together practitioners, curators and directors, from and beyond art schools. What does their current work generally look like? What directions have they recently been taking? What have they learned in so doing? And what might be next? The lingering pandemic has disabled univocal answers to these questions, be they raised in the context of teaching or researching, reflection or production. Worse, it seems, “context” itself has turned “problematic” on several counts. Therefore, and instead of giving in to viral vertigo, postfactum has invited its interlocutors to pause on the prosaic questions listed above, regarding their curatorial, research and/or teaching practice today. In conversation with practitioners, postfactum thus instigates a broader discussion on post-digital reconfigurations of cultural production, taking into account the distances, differences, and distinctions that it creates, articulates and occasionally subverts.


currently also being scheduled:

expertise (Tokyo, 2022)
ecologies (Amalfi, 2024)
embodiment (Sils-Maria, 2026)